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Are you looking to buy a house in the Eindhoven area?

Buying a house is not something anyone does frequently. Many expats would probably not even consider such a purchase if they’re only staying here for a short period of time. But for those staying a few years or more, it’s an excellent time to stop renting and start buying. Housing prices are at a relative low point and expectations are that they will soon rise again. Buying is therefore a very interesting investment.

What’s the need for a real estate agent when purchasing? “If a potential buyer falls in love with a house they tend to see it through rose-colored spectacles. We aim to put their feet back on the ground. We look for hidden faults, at the state of the building (for example to determine if there's any concrete decay) and we provide legal assistance. This is of great importance to anyone buying a new home but especially for foreigners. They may not fully grasp the Dutch language yet, and more importantly, are not familiar with our local customs. For example, in China it’s quite normal to be negotiating six houses at the same time. That’s very rarely done here.”

“It’s convenient and wise to make use of the services a real estate agent provides. Remember, the selling estate agent is your competitor. This way you can communicate on the same level as the selling agent. We are there to assist the buyer. This entails pointing out the pitfalls, helping out with building permits and even more importantly, negotiating for the best price. Hypodomus is your perfect partner when you are looking to buy. We even can help you with applying for a mortgage.”

The purchase assignment

When you visit Hypodomus Eindhoven or one of our six offices in The Netherlands, we draw up a list of your wishes and criteria for your perfect home. We will assist you until the desired house is found and purchased. We will be with you to inspect all the homes that meet your requirements. Also, we will estimate the value and the state of repair. If necessary we will recommend a structural inspection takes place.

It’s important to come well prepared when buying a house. A Hypodomus real estate agent is worth the investment many times over and will advise you on all your possibilities. There are often far more than you realise! Visit our site and leave your contact information and we will get in touch with you. Who knows, pretty soon you will be living in the house of your dreams.

Feel free to enquire about the possibilities of trying out a Hypodomus estate agent free of charge.

Hypodomus provides tailored, independent and professional advice and assistance in buying a home in the Netherlands. To help you get the best advice in financing your new home we have special services for expats. You can find the offices of Hypodomus all over the Netherlands.

If you want more information please fill in the contactform or call us at +31(0)40-8200020. We hope to welcome you at our office!