Jouw NVM-Makelaar in Eindhoven

Buying a house in Eindhoven

We have many years of experience working with knowledge emigrants / expats in Eindhoven and can offer our property market expertise to assist you on your way to becoming a home owner in the Eindhoven area (The Netherlands). When you embark on the exciting time of purchasing a new home, you need to endure a time-consuming process involving several third parties such as the real estate agent, the mortgage advisor, the civil law notary, and the tax consultant. To help you keep abreast of all the statutory requirements, we can guide you through the steps of becoming a home owner in the Netherlands. At Hypodomus we will create a profile of your requirements at a preliminary meeting. Based on this we will track down the most suitable properties, arrange viewings, suggest areas where there’s room for negotiation and offer advice on potential pitfalls.

Why the expertise from Hypodomus real estate agency

Over the years we have gained a lot of experience in dealing with the desires and needs of expats. We are aware of the differences you encounter once you set foot in a different country. We realise that helping our clients with that extra little bit of information to make them feel at home is essential for a happy and settled stay. Enjoy your stay in Eindhoven (The Technology Region)!


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