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top 9 before you sign

Welcome to the Netherlands!

When searching for your perfect home in the Netherlands, there are various factors to take into account. To help you, we made you a list of useful things to know when buying or renting a house in the Netherlands.

Top 9 before you sign

1 Use a NVM real estate agent

An agent can only act on behalf of the buyer or the seller, but not both. Your own NVM agent will help you navigate the Dutch waters, search for suitable options, screen the property, handle negotiations, check the contracts and so on. You’ll be in good hands.

2 Be on time

Punctuality is a big deal in the Netherlands. If you are delayed or can’t make it to an appointment, make sure you cancel on time – at least 24 hours beforehand.

3 Set your budget

Don’t bid more than what you can afford or want to pay. Your agent will advise you on the right price, and can also recommend mortgage advisors, so you can see how much you can borrow.

4 Negotiation expertise

Let your real estate agent handle the negotiations for you during the bidding process, so that you are not faced with surprises further down the line.

5 When (not) to talk about money

Once you have agreed on a price and are going to sign the contract, don’t reopen negations. This will probably upset the owners and you could lose the deal.

6 One bid at a time

It is not common in the Netherlands to bid on several houses at the same time.

7 Like the furniture?

In homes and apartments, the kitchen and bathroom are normally included, but the furniture isn’t always. If you want certain items to stay, make sure to attach a list of items with your specifications. Your agent will help you with this.

8 Your word is a big deal

An oral agreement between a private buyer and a private seller is not binding during purchase (it is when you rent), but carries a lot of weight. It’s best to be absolutely sure that you really want the home before signing, although you have 3 days to reconsider.

9 Viewings with few people

When you are going to view a home or apartment, come alone or with your partner. It’s not common to bring the kids to a first viewing. If you do have to, please let your agent know.

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